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Our attitudes and behavior

 around money are influenced by our early environment, our parents or caregivers, our innate personality style, our culture and society.
We are also swayed by advertising, as the lure of easy credit and the ‘have it now pay later’ attitude of western society also tempt us daily.

New beliefs, attitudes and habits can be formed to help us find direction and ultimately achieve financial success.

By having a good working budget you can learn to take full control of your money; something all of our clients find motivating and empowering. You will learn and establish new habits and raise your awareness around your beliefs about money. These beliefs may be limiting you in reaching the goals you desire. With understanding you will feel in control of your future and goals.

At Mortgage Room our aim is not to control your lifestyle, but provide you with the education, support and resources to improve your lifestyle for you and your family. To do this we have developed a simple budgeting program to help you better understands how to plan spending and saving your money.

Contact us today for our free complimentary budgeting program that can be given to other family members and friends to help them better understand their finances.

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